Brenic has a special relationship with the residential sector, with all senior team members having commenced and refined their careers in the residential space,
At Brenic we enjoy the challenge of delivering an idea, whether it be reforming an old dilapidated structure or building into your new home or taking a green field site, we share your vision and look forward to taking the journey together
Providing solutions that create dreams is our goal!. Brenic pride ourselves on being open, transparent and honest.

We know that one of the biggest challenges in construction is managing the impact of the construction process on the stakeholders, especially if their day-to-day routine is affected in the process.
And while people are resilient, it’s critical that our construction operations and methods are respectful. So, what does that mean in real terms?

The project team will communicate on a regular basis including:

  • Project status
  • Design issues / changes
  • Next week’s work areas
  • Changes to site access
  • Anticipate noise impacts

While the history of an organisation, its success and its client relationships are critical, it is ultimately people that deliver the project.
It is a team of people that plan procurement. It is a team of people that build the structures. It is a team of people that hold the skills and experience that ensure the quality of the finished product.
Our clients can take comfort in the fact that Brenic Constructions have the capability and capacity to deliver.