About Us

Brenic Constructions has been shaping spaces across all sectors for over 15 years. All senior team members have refined their careers to delivery solutions and to create dreams.

Highly Skilled Team

Brenic Constructions employs a team of highly skilled and motivated trades people with experience and technical knowledge which is highly valued. Our entire team works as a holistic body to deliver nothing but best practice and exceptional client relations during every project.

A focus on Quality

Brenic is committed to delivering quality, and as such work only with top suppliers and quality materials to ensure your project is amazing. Each and every project undertaken by Brenic is an exercise in efficiency and careful planning, with the final product reflecting our dedication to the job.

Attention to Detail

Our teams attention to detail shines through in all the projects we take on. We have worked with heritage-listed buildings and breathed new life into old and dilapidated structures, this new life we have brought place us as one of the leaders in our field.

Infrastructure, Rail and Transport

As well as residential and commercial spaces, we work within the infrastructure sector including rail and transport around the state.